Kubernetes – How to migrate Drupal sites to Kubernetes (AKS)

Categories: Kubernetes

I had a customer asking if it’s possible to move their existing Drupal site to a container based version in Kubernetes, especially AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service). This is the description of how a migration can be achieved. There’s a few steps involved: Export of the MySQL database Export of the site directory Creation of docker […]

Mattermost – Live import tool

Categories: Mattermost

Based on my previous article to export complete channels from a Mattermost server I invested some more time to build something I would call a “live importer”. The bulk import CLI can’t solve this challenge at the moment. The purpose is to migrate specific data from an existing Mattermost server to another. This might be […]

Import Active-Directory users into Mattermost channels

Categories: Mattermost

Most of our Enterprise customers are using a directory service called: Active-Directory, provided by Microsoft. This directory service is often structured in logical groups of objects (computers, users, devices). Especially the users are also organized in organizational units (OUs) within the active directory. With having several thousand users, organized in this fashion, some of our […]