How to use Mattermost to create Microsoft Sharepoint sites and others

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Some of my prospects have a fairly large Sharepoint implementation and usage. This is why some of them ask if it’s possible to run a task in Sharepoint or other tools from Mattermost. Because Mattermost supports so called WebSocket connections it’s fairly easy to integrate Mattermost events with different other tools. In a case the […]

Nutanix, Acropolis and Automation?

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With the new NOS release comes a new exciting option: Acropolis. The PRISM UI looks awesome slick like always and allows you to create networks and virtual machines with a few clicks. With this Acropolis Hypervisor Management you  have the power to use your Nutanix solution to automate your Test/Dev environment or run your Build automation for […]

Auto-Protect your new VM

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One of the typical question customers ask is: “How can we automatically add a new virtual machine in a Nutanix protection domain?”. With VMware there are several options, like a vCAC post-customization trigger to vCO or AMPQ trigger for vCloud Director. But what if you just create a VM in vCenter? The following solution is […]

Witness for Nutanix Metro Availability

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With Nutanix you have a powerful data protection solution: Metro Availability. You can just enable it within PRISM and administer it easily. Whilst I present this to more and more prospects there is always one thing to clarify: What happens if no one can manually fail-over a site? In most cases people ask this in conjunction […]

Nutanix PRISM automated with the vRealize Orchestrator

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As an Ex-VMware Specialist for Automation and Orchestration I could not resist to use the python task from the last blog post in vRealize Orchestrator (aka vCenter Orchestrator, aka Dunes). So I configured the actual Appliance which has the REST 1.0.3 Plug-In already installed. I just added the certificate (SSL Connections in configuration interface) for […]