Nutanix, right?

As you might have noticed I´ve changed my job again. After a short intensive relationship with DataStax I had the opportunity to work for a company called Nutanix. With the knowledge to be part of a company with a perfect solution (DataStax Enterprise) I couldn´t resist the desire to work for an “infrastructure” company again. Beside this feeling I had a deeper look into the Nutanix technology based on the Nutanix Bible by Steven Poitras and realised that their Hyper-Convergence solution is based Cassandra, Paxos and Zookeeper.

Since the first of January I work as a Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix covering the north german region.

There were a few facts that let me be confident:

1. Web-Scale – Start small and scale up to an internet company level by adding appliances.

2. Hyper-Convergence – Don´t care about a SAN/NAS infrastructure, it´s in 1 Box now!

3. Simplicity and Easy Operations – No disruption to ongoing services.


I will post a lot around Nutanix and how to support BigData applications like Cassandra and other stuff on it. So keep an eye on!

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