I can see clearly (data) now

This is my first post!

As many of you know I was responsible for automation and integration projects at mightycare and VMware in the last years. After nearly 4 years at VMware and some really cool customers, projects and colleagues I decided to start a new adventure at DataStax.

With this move I felt that it´s time for a new blog… datatomix [data:tomix]! The name describes a combination of data and atomic and it was a free .com url 🙂

Datatomix will show some examples, code snippets and solutions around DataStax and Apache Cassandra in the future. As in my old blog (mighty-virtualization.blogspot.com) I will focus myself on real world use cases and solutions from customers and future customers.

Beside this I will try to explain data model examples and benefits of storing data the right way for faster analytics. You will see that DataStax is a lot more than a linear scalable, fault tolerant and distributed Apache Cassandra database.

Feel free to send me questions or ask for solutions you need!

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