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Mattermost – Set general user attributes

In the last weeks there were some questions around general account settings for newly added users in Mattermost. One example is the deactivation of push notifications for Mattermost users. While there’s a setting in the config.json to set a default theme… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – Live import tool

Based on my previous article to export complete channels from a Mattermost server I invested some more time to build something I would call a „live importer“. The bulk import CLI can’t solve this challenge at the moment. The purpose… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – Export channels with attachments

This week I had a co-worker asking me how we can export channels with their posts and attachments. First thing I thought was the bulkimport tool we provide with the CLI but this can’t export file attachments. So I checked… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – Ingest metrics data to Splunk

Last week I got a question around monitoring a Mattermost environment using Splunk. As you might know we have a metrics interface which can be used to scrape data with Prometheus and display the results in Grafana (official documentation). Since… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – Compliance export with files?

If you use Mattermost Enterprise Edition (E20) you might want to use the „Compliance Export“ feature. With a simple scheduler or an ad-hoc task in the System Console this can be achieved in seconds. This week I had a customer… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – On-Premise Audio/Video calls

With Mattermost you have the freedom of choosing the right audio/video call system for you. Because Mattermost provides a plugin architecture you can easily switch between different providers like Zoom and BigBlueButton or offer both to your teams. This case… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – Why email if there’s Mattermost?

Most non-IT teams struggle with collaborations tools in the beginning: „Not another tool…“, „It’s hard to monitor everything!“, „Just another app with information…“ are just a few quotes I hear more than once a week. Working with several folks in… Weiterlesen →

Mattermost – Sync with existing chat systems

Most of my prospects and customers used a tool for simple chat in the past. Some already have sophisticated collaboration platforms and need to keep two or more systems up and running for a migration period of time. Most of… Weiterlesen →

How to update a username in Mattermost

I just had a question from one of our customers this week, asking how to update a username as an administrator. Since this is only possible for the user and not the admin right now I was thinking of the… Weiterlesen →

How to use Mattermost to create Microsoft Sharepoint sites and others

Some of my prospects have a fairly large Sharepoint implementation and usage. This is why some of them ask if it’s possible to run a task in Sharepoint or other tools from Mattermost. Because Mattermost supports so called WebSocket connections… Weiterlesen →

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