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Deployment and update dependencies solved with Chef

One of the biggest questions when I present the Chef platform is: “How can we ensure that the database server is deployed/updated before the middleware and application server?” People see the concept of resources, recipes and cookbooks and tend to think in a per node view. In my past i´ve seen several solutions, like copy a file at the end of the first installation, create a database entry or others. With Chef there.. Read More

Using Chef Compliance and the audit cookbook only – Part IV

Whilst you already saw the audit cookbook working with the Chef Server there is another way that was implemented by public demand. Some people have separated departments or just want to test their cookbooks against Chef Compliance using the audit cookbook without a Chef Server. When we have a look back on out .kitchen.yml file you may already added the audit cookbook to the run_list:

If not, just add it after downloading it.. Read More

Windows infrastructure testing using Chef Compliance – Part III

Welcome to the last part of InSpec and Chef Compliance for Windows infrastructure testing. In this last article you will see how Chef Compliance adds value to your infrastructure and how to use your new shiny profile against your Windows machines. Let´s start with the easy thing: adding a node to compliance. Since the profile is now centrally available on your Chef Compliance server you´re able to add another Windows node or your.. Read More

Windows infrastructure testing using InSpec and Profiles – Part II

While you already have seen how Test-Kitchen works with InSpec in Part I there is much more if you have a deeper look into InSpec and Chef Compliance. This second part will handle so called controls and some of the features you´ll have using Chef Compliance as well. If we remind the test we wrote last time:

it´s possible to enhance them with a control description like this:

With these attributes you are.. Read More

Windows infrastructure testing using InSpec – Part I

While joining Chef a while ago I have learned a lot about testing your infrastructure code. One of the most important lessons was TDD (Test Driven Development) that loosely means: “write tests first”. At Chef we have something called InSpec to describe tests in a simple way while developing infrastructure and application deployment code (like recipes/cookbooks). This is a first blog post of a series about testing an application deployment (Atom Editor) on.. Read More

Going DevOps…

Yes, a new exciting opportunity came around. And it´s one that matches to me like DevOps to KungFu… I joined Chef Software this Monday as a Solutions Architect! While Nutanix is an awesome product I was always focused on automation and finding solutions. When I decided to leave Nutanix and join Chef I thought about a combination of both worlds and here is my farewell gift: A Chef knife plugin for Nutanix Acropolis!.. Read More

Please fasten your seatbelts

I thought it´s a good idea to keep my visitors posted why there was such a long period without news and codes snippets around Nutanix. Please stay tuned for the next 14 days as I want to start with a boom on December the 14th…   Cheers Christian

Nutanix, Acropolis and Automation?

With the new NOS release comes a new exciting option: Acropolis. The PRISM UI looks awesome slick like always and allows you to create networks and virtual machines with a few clicks. With this Acropolis Hypervisor Management you  have the power to use your Nutanix solution to automate your Test/Dev environment or run your Build automation for example. Okay… But where´s the automation magic? Within the PRISM UI there´s the well known REST API and.. Read More

Witness-Script for Nutanix Metro Availability (python)

Last week I had some conversations around our Metro Availability and a so called “witness”, a third observation instance. I already build a short how to with the vRealize Orchestrator but sometimes there´s no VMware 🙂 I decided to use python to write a short “promotion” function that works as soon as the Metro site has the “Standby” state. For automation purpose I wanted to have a SNMP receiver that tracks the site.. Read More

Auto-Protect your new VM

One of the typical question customers ask is: “How can we automatically add a new virtual machine in a Nutanix protection domain?”. With VMware there are several options, like a vCAC post-customization trigger to vCO or AMPQ trigger for vCloud Director. But what if you just create a VM in vCenter? The following solution is based on vCenter and the included vCenter Orchestrator (you can also use Powershell, python etc.). First of all.. Read More